They join their lives in a Viking wedding to be faithful to their beliefs


When we talk about weddings, it is almost certain that the majority comes to mind a ceremony in a church, followed by a party in a luxurious salon, the bride in her white dress and the groom in her impeccable costume, bridesmaids, godparents, little boy But not all celebrations are like that.

For the spouses Wallace and Nick, from Brazil, it was not an option to marry in a traditional way but it was important to be faithful to their beliefs, so they decided that their wedding had to reflect its Nordic essence. The photographer Dande Porto was commissioned to immortalize the moment in these beautiful photographs.

For them love does not follow rules

He does not need anything more than himself to exist


The mead

The voice of a spiritual guide

And a tie was all they needed

She walked towards him on dry leaves

They looked at each other

They kissed

They drank

They laughed

They danced

They ran

They enjoyed every last ray of sun

They and nature, like the Nordics

Just as they wanted

There was nothing more and nothing was missing

They had enough to fill that mountain with what really matters


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