They install punching bags in avenues to release stress in one fell swoop


Stress, fatigue and poor quality of life are factors that alter our mood. They make us feel so exhausted and even annoying that we might need a ball despair or hit an object to discharge all negative emotions. Fortunately, there is a company that has thought about how to solve this situation

The donttakethisthewrongway design studio presented an interesting solution for anger control: placing box sacks so that people can hit them if they feel upset while on the street.

The rage is relieved with a good blow

The Dttww, by its acronyms in English, installed punching bags in poles of the city of New York so that the people strike them and thus they eliminate their frustrations without having to hurt others with words or physically.

The creators want a space free of frustrations

They define it as:

A concept that explores the design of common spaces for the emotions that we all face, both good and bad. The public punching bag offers outlets for these emotions, as a means to perhaps develop a healthier way of dealing with personal problems in a public setting.

People are grateful for the initiative

One of the people who had the opportunity to hit the punching bag shared his Instagram experience and defined it as a awesome solution:

This is impressive. I do not know who to thank for this, we need these punching bags.

The project seeks that people find a healthy way for them to download their emotions and personal problems. Undoubtedly many other places and spaces should adapt this measure and perhaps this will reduce the problems faced by most people.

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