They deceive fashion influencers with luxury shoe stores; they bought shoes for 600 dollars


We live in a time when the so-called influencers they have to do with the decisions of many people. They are responsible for sharing their lifestyle, food and fashion reviews on social networks, and thanks to these actions the users who follow them run to the stores to try to imitate them as if it were the advice of a wise person.

Recently the footwear company Payless made a joke to fashion influencers in California. Payless took over an old Armani shoe store in Santa Monica and named it Palessi, stocked the shelves with his shoes and opened the doors only to influential people.

When enthusiastic fashion critics came in they thought they were buying unique, high-end footwear and exclusive designers, but in reality the store was full of disguised shoes. The only modification? The price. The cheapest shoes had a value of 19 dollars, but it was sold in 640. After the store opened a few hours, it had a profit of 3,000 dollars.

Although fashionistas they thought they were buying products with exclusive designs, in the end they lost nothing because Payless gave them back the money they spent and let them keep the shoes for free; They also explained that they were being part of a social experiment.

Palessi proved to be a success, fashionistas They gave good reviews about the quality and style of the footwear. It was a successful marketing movement in which both parties benefited. The executive director of Adweek Payless, Sarah Couch, said:

The campaign does not ignore the huge discrepancy and aims to remind consumers that we are still a relevant place to buy fashion at affordable prices. With this fun trick, the footwear company showed that a high price does not always mean high quality, but it also made us see that it is good to buy cheaper fashion.

Some people in social networks reacted positively

Well done Payless

It's an ingenious marketing strategy, in my opinion

Others could not contain their harsh words about consumerism

Influencers may not be the intellectual elite of our culture. Who knows.

Consumerism at its worst. I bet these geniuses did not even bother looking at the shoes they bought. They simply took them and passed their cards because they thought they were of exclusive design.

Payless opens fake luxury shoe store as prank (April 2021)