They create shoes with GPS to locate elderly people with dementia


Many times we put aside one of the most vulnerable sectors of society: the elderly, who have in their memories a trunk full of memories and anecdotes that leave one's mouth open. Many suffer from different ailments with the passage of time; one of them, dementia.

But not all is bad news, since the Japanese have created a pair of shoes with GPS that allow to find the grandparents who suffer this condition.

The project called GPS Dokodemo Shoes, of the company Wish Hill, aims to locate the missing person on a map, either by means of a mobile device or the computer.

The GPS is inside the sole of the left shoe and, as mentioned by the driving company of this invention, has had a favorable impact, mainly among 50-year-old women who have their father with dementia.

The idea came when it was concluded that older people do not use technology, such as cell phones or tablets, and prefer not to carry a watch or pendants.

Although this footwear is available only in Japan, Wish Hill does not rule out that in the future it may expand to other corners of the world to save the lives of those who may be unprotected by lack of memory.

As data, the World Health Organization expresses in its statistics that 47.5 million people in the world suffer from dementia and every year there are 7.7 million new cases.

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