They create samurai armor for dogs and cats with the soul of warriors in Japan


Domestic animals are like samurai, they are always by our side fighting great battles and protecting us; that's why it's just that they deserve an armor that lets their warrior spirit flow. With this thought, the Japanese company called Samurai Age he just created something that the world desperately needs: a samurai armor for cats and dogs.

Samurai Age offers a breastplate for animals that have a soul of warriors. Apparently the company will also sell replicas of armors that have been used by legendary samurai. But we have to warn you, it is possible that you need one to defend yourself in case you are not in a good mood. Apart from that, we are sure that your best friends will not refuse to wear these suits.

Samurai Age has created the best clothing for animals

Small armors of samurai warrior

Some models are so small and cute, that you will love them

All are adapted to the needs of your 4-legged warrior

The company makes replicas of armors used by legendary Japanese samurai

Like the red armor worn by Sengoku warrior Yukimura Sanada

They are great, right?

Prepare your pets for battle with tailor-made samurai armour for cats and dogs (January 2021)