They create periscope glasses, ideal for people of short stature that attend concerts


A new invention, inspired by people of short stature who fail to enjoy the concerts of their favorite artists, is attracting attention.

The designer Dominic Wilcox created some periscope glasses that allow to see 30.5 centimeters above the normal level of the eyes, ideal for the occasions in which the view is obstructed by those who are of a greater height during massive events.

The idea of ​​these glasses arose when Wilcox was at a concert and observed a little woman Dancing that I could not see the group on stage, this gave me the inspiration to design a way for people to overcome obstacles such as tall people like me, said the creator of the glasses One Foot Workshop.

The artifact uses a mirror acrylic sheet with a 45 degree curve, which allows the smaller mirror to reflect the larger mirror that faces outward. The invention was created after Microsoft Surface issued the challenge to the inventors to devise an extraordinary solution to a daily problem for an exhibition in London in which Dominic Wilcox participated.

I think everyone can be more creative and increase their ability to think new ideas, he said.

With this creation it is expected that those who are short do not have to worry about seeing through the screens that are placed in shows like concerts, but with their own eyes that enjoy the event.

It should be mentioned that this is not the only invention of the British. He also has in his record GPS shoes that show the way home with LED lights, plus a desk that can be used sitting on a branch.

These ideas have been compiled in the book Variations on Normal.

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