They create ice cream that reduces the side effects of chemotherapy


Treatment through chemotherapy is widely effective against cancer when detected early. However, although its function is to attack harmful cells, the deterioration of those that are in perfect conditions is not ruled out.

In most of the times, the side effects are severe because they cause lack of appetite, nausea, mouth sores, fatigue and loss of weight and hair. Fortunately, there are already ways to prevent them and among them is an ice cream dessert with different flavors.

In Brazil, a group of researchers from the Federal University of Santa Catarina created an ice cream with particular properties to decrease the effects that result from chemotherapy. Strawberry, chocolate and lemon are the flavors offered by this dessert that acts as a food supplement in the diet of cancer patients.

For more than a year, specialists tested ice cream to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Carol Gilda Martins, financial assistant and patient of the hospital unit for lymphatic cancer shares her experience after chemotherapy.

The medication is very strong, so I think collateral effects are inevitable; I have mucositis, which is a wound in the throat, which makes feeding difficult.

Raquel Kuerten, at the head of the study, says that being a cold product helps anesthetize the oral cavity and reduce the symptoms of mucositis.

In a factory in Florianópolis, the procedure for the exact formula that the nutritionists of the UFSC were looking for began, and after six months they achieved the result.

The deodorized olive oil and large amount of protein are present in the mixture, therefore, the ice cream contains neither gluten nor lactose, and the patients who have tried it say that they notice improvements in the stability of the symptoms after a chemotherapy.

Another good news is that other members of the family can eat it as an act of integration towards the patient.

Eating During Cancer Treatment (April 2021)