They create an ice cream that ends with colitis problems and it's delicious!


Irritable bowel syndrome, better known as colitis, is a disorder of the digestive functions that causes inflammation, abdominal pain, irritation and constipation, to mention just a few symptoms.

This health problem usually occurs more frequently in the female population. Therefore, Mexican scientists created an ice cream with prebiotics that reduces annoying symptoms and improves digestive health.

Colitis can appear by:

  • Infections caused by a virus or a parasite
  • Food poisoning due to bacteria
  • Crohn's disease

In addition, it causes abdominal pain, bloating, bloody stools, chills, dehydration, diarrhea and fever in severe cases.

To end this health problem, a group of Mexican scientists from the Center for Research in Food and Development (CIAD) created a prebiotic ice cream that restores the balance of the intestinal microbiota, improving digestive health.

To achieve this, laboratory tests, studies in vitro and with mice. The result was surprising since ice cream not only reduces the discomfort caused by colitis but also improves the absorption of calcium.

Gabriela Ramos Clamont Montfort, responsible for the research, highlighted: for the creation of prebiotic ice cream, Saludatto, several strategies were carried out to encapsulate the prebiotics that restore the balance of the intestinal flora. The idea of ​​prebiotic ice cream is born from the tendency of functional foods, that is, those that incorporate elements that help prevent diseases.

He also assured that the tests with chocolate-flavored ice cream, in children, and of red fruits, in older adults, were positive since the absorption of calcium and antioxidants increased considerably.

Now CIAD scientists are registering the brand of ice cream with the intention of making it available to the general population, in its diverse and delicious flavors.

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