They celebrate 30 years of friendship by tattooing a beer!


Friendship is an inexplicable and unbreakable bond, because no matter how many years pass, how many fashions come, how many disasters occur if you have a better friend, you have a soul mate and so everything is simpler.

And it is well that they say that if a friendship lasts more than 10 years it means that it will be for life, and to prove it there are women who decide to mark their skin as a symbol that they will be together forever. Just like these women who tattooed a beer to celebrate 30 years of a long and lasting friendship.

They celebrated their brotherhood in a big way!

The friends shared the tattoo they made on their Instagram accounts and also explained in a legend why they did it:

A friendship of more than 30 years is not for anyone. The chosen symbol is something that we both love and if we have it together it means that we love each other even more.

Internet users were surprised and made it viral

There were many comments from women who turned the gesture into their goal of friendship and now they want to do something similar when the right time comes. They are a clear example of the true #friendshipgoals that many hope to have.