These women do not lose glamor or in childbirth


There is a phrase that says: before dead, how simple have you heard it? And for many women it is vital to always be well groomed and combed and, of course, use the latest fashion trends regardless of the place and time, even if they are about to give birth or finish doing it.

Different investigations done in the United Kingdom by the site Daily Mail have reached the conclusion that 68 percent of women put on makeup before or after childbirth because of the pressure they feel to look good to announce births on social networks of their children. Apparently this practice has become a worldwide trend, because more and more women are doing it. They never lose the glamor and that's how they show it.

Bloggers perform tutorials at the hospital

In 2016, the makeup artist Alaha Karimi started with this trend, but received strong criticism in social networks when she shared the photos in which she can see how she makes up her makeup.

I went to the hospital at 7:30 in the morning and I was in labor for 10 hours that day. I had an epidural close to 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning, so when the pain killer started to disappear, I needed something to distract myself from the pain.

Makeup helps them relax

Blogger Alexis Jayda recorded a makeup tutorial in 2018 while waiting for her dilation to end. This unconventional method helped her relax and forget a little about the pain contractions caused her. Before doing so he consulted his doctor about whether it was safe to keep his mind occupied and he did not object.

Others refuse to give birth without a drop of makeup

Lee Ann Jarrell said in a video she recorded for YouTube that she refused to give birth until she was well made up. Jarelle expected her supporters to support her and tell her they were proud, but instead she received criticism and explained: I just wanted to look glamorous in the photos.

Beauty methods relax future mothers

According to the research, two thirds of future mothers between 18 and 31 years also invest in beauty treatments before receiving their baby, go to the spa for a massage and thus be more relaxed, they do the manicure, they dye hair and even tanning to make your body look spectacular after delivery.

Apparently beauty before childbirth is becoming a global trend. Although she is criticized by some and practiced by others, the decision of how to look and feel when receiving her new baby only belongs to the mother.