These tennis inspired by Betty and Veronica will turn you into a River Vixen


Only a faithful fan of both the series Riverdale as of the Archie Comics Meet the iconic best friends Betty and Veronica. These strong and elegant women have inspired generations of admirers with their classic style and attitude of popular girls.

Regardless of which of the two you identify with, the style girly of Betty or the dark features of Veronica, you can not resist this new collection of sneakers. They are so beautiful that you will not know which one to choose.

The favorites of all

Betty & Veronica x Keds It's the collaboration you never imagined, but we all needed. It is composed of six different designs, they have velvet finishes, denim parts, slidable silhouettes and a lot of striking colors.

The best part is that tennis brings classic pop art images from the original 1940s comics, which means they have a retro and modern combination, which every girl wants to have in her wardrobe. The collection is officially available on the Keds website and each pair is priced between $ 60 and $ 75.

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge have a style like no other. Look at each of the incredible designs below and choose the one that best suits your style.

The sweet Betty Cooper

The magnificent combination of classic and fresh style. They scream literally feminine power.

The unique style of Veronica Lodge

The elegance and sophistication of Veronica. Nobody will dare to bother you.

The classic Betty and Veronica

Nothing better to enhance your outfit than to take with you the original comics of the friends.

A perfect River Vixen

Some sneakers that will look amazing with the uniform of the River Vixen.

A more contemporary touch

If you prefer full color comic strips, these sneakers are made for you, and if you already found your favorites, do not wait any longer to have them.

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