These tattoos last two weeks and are perfect for people who are afraid of real ink


Getting a tattoo is a big commitment that comes with regrettable consequences, if you do not know how to choose wisely. There is nothing worse than choosing a bad design and also having it permanently marked on the skin with a tattoo that you will end up hating for your whole life.

Inkbox is a new company that has developed a system to create tattoos that last approximately two weeks. Tyler and Braden Handley, founders of the company, developed a technique that uses a fruit-based ink that offers customers the appearance of a real tattoo. It works by using four different layers that safely distribute the organic formula to the skin.

You just have to put the patch on your skin and keep it covered with a damp cloth for 10 minutes. In a period of 12 to 24 hours a tattoo with a realistic but temporary appearance will appear.

Thank you Inkbox, for creating the two week tattoo

It looks like a real one, but without pain and without regret

There are a lot of personalized tattoos to choose from

You can cover your fingers with geometric designs

Opt for a tattoo out of this world

And show it off in a sexy way

The possibilities of tattoos are practically endless

Part of the sales are donated to The Darien Initiative, which provides support to the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna tribes of the Darien jungle in Panama, who have used traditional fruit genipa americana during years.

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