These plants enjoyed the best day of their life when their grandmother had to take care of them

If we have pets or plants, one of our biggest concerns when we go on a trip is who will take care of them when we are away and we can not take care of them. The good news is that, no matter what the day, our moms will always be willing and more than happy to help us.

When Regan Speyer had to leave, she asked her mother to take care of her plants. All she asked was for him to open the curtains so that some light came in, but his mother exaggerated a little and, for a day, the succulents were the queens of the house and they had a great time turning Mrs. Speyer into the grandmother of the year.

It all started with a small favor

But for her mother, opening the curtain was not enough

So he took the plants for a walk so that they had fun

He let them see cartoons until late

Even when one of them got hurt, she received first aid

They spent an amazing day with their grandmother!

Very good, but the plants played on the slide?

Be sure that yes.

And Twitter loved his mom's response

The old man gave me some time in the sun today. Hurry to get to the house. He's crazy! I miss you.

You have to be very distracted to not understand the hint

We only ask for the best for our planthijas

Grandmothers are the best!

Although some are distracted

I wish everyone was as careful as Regan's mom

The lottery was definitely taken out!

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