These men contoured their faces with makeup and the result is incredible


There is a makeup technique that some celebrities like Kim Kardashian have recently become fashionable: outlining. It consists of applying makeup of different tones in certain parts of the face to later mix them and highlight the best of the face. Although it has been a criticized technique, the truth is that the result is surprising.

The creatives of Buzzfeed decided to do an experiment class with three boys who were outlined in their faces to show that this makeup technique is an art. In a video titled Men Try Contouring For The First Time (Men try to contour themselves for the first time) the boys are totally surprised with the result, they look like another person!

The experiment consisted of contouring the faces of three children

Jacob, Ryan and Carl.

They had never had an experience outlining their face

And they were a little nervous to discover the result.

Ryan defined this technique in a very real way

Is it a drastic way to make up that makes you look like a clown? And then you combine all the crap in your face until you're not anymore.

Lili Kaytmaz, a makeup artist defines this technique in a more professional way:

Contouring the face is about applying lights and shadows. Where the sun hits most of the time (cheeks and forehead) a lighter makeup will be applied; and under the cheekbones and chin will apply a darker makeup.

This technique is divided into one before mixing

Which of course is the part where it seems a clown badly made up.

And one after

It's just when all the makeup magic happens.

The result is simply spectacular

I have much more respect for the people who outline their faces and for the makeup artists who do this to live; I think they really make a big difference with people's faces. Carl

The boys were totally surprised

The only reason why we do not do this every day is because it is not required by society. Ryan

And they could not believe it was them

I do not feel like me, I look like a Ken doll.

They looked fabulous!

And they felt beautiful

They even looked like models