These German hotels are ideal for beer lovers


If one of your dreams is to have beer in your room, and with your own dispenser, you can fulfill it! In Germany there is a city where a hotel offers this service. This is Cologne and the hotel is named Zur, and the beer dispenser is on the side of the bathroom sink key.

The price per room is 84 euros for two people, but it is important to note that not all rooms have that type, so before renting it, you must specify that it is the so-called Komfort Doppelzimmer.

But Germany offers more beer-themed hotels, for example the Beach Motel, in Sankt Peter Ording, is a complex of beach houses with stylish decor surfer and a candelabra with green bottles; The dispenser is on the surfboard.

Near the Rhine River, in Koblenz, is the Food Hotel, where there are two rooms decorated with the most popular beers of that country.

Sleeping inside a beer keg is now possible: at Landhotel Beverland, near Münster, the beds are inside restored giant barrels of the 19th century.

There are also special beers only for guests of the Griesbräu zu Murnau hotel, which is located near Munich, and has its own private craft brewery.

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