These Crocs for bride promise you total comfort to give the yes


There are only two types of people in this world: those who love crocs and those who hate them, but even if you are one of those whom this shoe does not convince, surely you have thought of buying a pair just because they are comfortable.

But has it crossed your mind to use them in a formal event, such as your wedding? Maybe not, but even so, the Etsy online shopping page has launched the crocs for brides.

Until this moment we thought that they were only to stay in the house or go to the store with casual clothes, but this white shoes and glitter Rosa arrived to try to change our mind.

While it is difficult to put crocs and wedding dress in the same sentence and imagine something that looks good, we can not stop thinking how comfortable we would be if we left aside the high and unbearable stilettos.

The fact that they exist does not mean you have to use them during the ceremony to walk to the altar, but maybe it's a good idea to put them on the party to dance and keep up with your guests.

HSN | Easy Spirit Footwear 08.09.2018 - 12 AM (April 2021)