These coffee gummies are equivalent to an espresso; Caffeine, come to me!


Forget about having to get up early every morning to prepare a cup of coffee. Now you can take the equivalent of a espresso just eat a few gummy bears.

The American brand Sugarfina, together with the most trendy from Los Angeles, created the best candy for adults: coffee gummies.

The gummies were made thinking about those people who are like a kind of zombie He moves and walks, but he is unable to process his boss's orders or the teacher's explanation until the caffeine comes in contact with his organism.

Gummies come in three flavors: Cold Brew Bears (cold brew with espresso), Iced Vanilla Latte Bears (espresso with vanilla milk) and Bourbon Cold Brew Bears (whiskey of bourbon with espresso).

Each 60 mg portion of these gums equals one shot of espresso and it has the same flavor as the coffee they serve at Alfred Coffee, one of the most popular coffee shops in Los Angeles.

The sweets are sold in 23.5-ounce packages or 12-ounce glasses. Would you like to consume coffee in a different way?

Get Your Coffee Fix in Candy Form With 'World's First' Caffeinated Gummy Bears (March 2021)