These are the trends that you will want in 2019; Dare to change your look!


A new year has begun and it is a good time to welcome a new hair. 2019 brings dye trends for all girls, whether you want to experiment with a mysterious black hair color, a classic chocolate with bronze or a daring coral.

These are the trends that will be in fashion this year, so you do not fall behind and you dare to change look New year, new hair!

Inky black

It is a very powerful and intriguing color with sober and elegant touches. Experts recommend that girls with very white skins or yellow tendencies abstain from this color if they want to shine their skin.

Pink cotton candy

It is a sweet color but at the same time daring, for girls who are not afraid to catch the eye and be the center of attention. Before painting it you must bear in mind that you need to undergo a process of discoloration until you get a blond color (almost white) and that you should take care of it very well so that it is not mistreated.


It is a variation of pink cotton candy, but it is a perfect shade for neutral or warm skin. Like the rose, you will need a lot of care after the dye to keep your hair in good health.

Chocolate and copper coffee

It is a brown with coppery reflections that will give you a feeling of lightness and volume. Also, it will not make you lose your naturalness and it's easy to maintain. A classic that does not go out of fashion!

Blonde strawberry

It is a midpoint between the golden blonde and the coppery one. It can look reddish, pink or a little more golden, depending on the mixture of dyes, light or skin color.

Baby blonde

It is an almost platinum blonde that gives a creamy, bright appearance and that is far from the monotony; You can ask for it as pale blond. Stylists recommend that you go from a dark blond at the roots to an almost white one at the tips to give depth.

Hazelnut coffee with golden sparkles

Sometimes women flee to brown because we think it is a boring tone, but it does not have to be that way. There are many ways to combine it to take advantage of it, for example: with golden fuses to give dimension and frame your face.

Ash gray

Gray hair is a trend that came to stay, only this year it is an opaque color instead of platinum. This tonality salt and pepper also needs discoloration and if you just want to wear it at the tips so that it does not involve so much maintenance, it will look great!

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