These are the most remembered dresses in all of history


Throughout the years women have worn different dresses that have become the favorites of many girls, thanks to their beauty, originality and of course because the women who wear them do it with great elegance.

Just as its design is interesting, so is its history, since fashion has changed a lot during the last decades. And that is how to forget the beautiful white dress that witnessed thousands of looks only because it was worn by Marilyn Monroe, or even the irreverent swan dress of the singer Björk. Still all are worthy to remember and admire, and these are the most remembered dresses in history.

Vivien Leigh, gone With the Wind 1939

Scarlet OHara not only looked beautiful in this red, she also showed that she had no modesty or modesty in using her feathers, and a low-cut neckline during Ashley Wilkes' birthday party.

Rita Hayworth, Gilda 1946

The satin was responsible for making Rita Hayworth waste sensuality while singing Put the blame on me while starring in a striptease with his long gloves.

The Cinderella, 1950

The dress that Cinderella wore during the dance with the prince is something that all women dream of, even after so many years it does not go out of fashion and has undoubtedly become the essential model that all princesses should wear.

Audrey Hepburn, Sabrina 1954

The bewitching dress that Givenchy created demonstrates the elegance and discretion of the actress, leading her to become the muse and icon of the entire firm.

Grace Kelly, Catch a thief 1955

This simple dress strapless with a sweetheart neckline fascinated his admirers, it was simply amazing and full of elegance.

Marilyn Monroe, Temptation lives above 1955

The beautiful dress of Marilyn Monroe that literally flew became the liveliest representation of sensuality, inspiring the most famous designers to recreate it.

Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast with diamonds 1961

The dress became the incarnation of elegance, Audry Hepburn became the first woman to wear a black dress that was not used for a funeral, and the world simply loved this new concept.

Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra 1963

This incredible golden dress represented the perfect Egyptian queen. But undoubtedly Elizabeth Taylor wore it with all the elegance and beauty that a woman can have.

Twiggy, 1966

The first super model gave fashion a new trend with its trapeze-cut dresses, innovating in the field of women's attire.

Faye Dunaway, The secret of Thomas Crown 1968

The subtle and carefree dress of the protagonist added to the film all the charm and romance that was lived in the 70s.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Scarface 1983

The elegant Michelle Pfeiffer wore an unforgettable dress like this controversial film that is still very much remembered by critics and fans.

Diana of Wales

East little black dress of her sweetheart neckline, she showed her splendid body and her very successful style. Black was one of the colors he preferred the most and without a doubt it made it look spectacular.

Cameron Diaz, The mask 1994

The fitted and red-colored outfit worn by Cameron Diaz during the movie The mask it made it look spectacular, because it highlighted the sensuality of the actress.

Kate Winslet, Titanic 1997

The dresses used by Rose were very elaborate and undoubtedly gave this character the elegance and poise of a woman of society.

Jennifer Lopez, 2000

J.Lo has always had a spectacular body, and what better way to highlight it than with an outfit in jade color with transparencies created by Versace. Since then the fashion house has created countless red carpet dresses.

Björk, 2001

For many, the swan dress that the singer wore was a great revolution, for many others it was considered ridiculous and exaggerated, but we have to admit that Björk looked unique, irreverent and spectacular.

Natalie Portman, Star Wars: the revenge of the sith, 2002

The most famous saga of cinema not only had one of the greatest battles against the dark side, it also gave us the incredible and unforgettable wardrobe of Padme, which made her look elegant, simple but also powerful.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the city 2008

The unique and original style of Carrie Bradshaw made us believe again that girls could use what we wanted. However, this white dress with gold and a huge flower made all eyes focused on Carrie.

Kate Middleton, Catherine of Cambridge 2011

The wedding dress of the Duchess drove everyone crazy, as it showed a successful combination of simplicity and elegance that characterizes it, but what undoubtedly conquered millions was the tail of the dress created as a tribute to the mother of the groom, Princess Diana.

Angelina Jolie, 2012

Angelina has always surprised us with her amazing outfits during the red carpets, but without a doubt this black dress made us fall in love due to the fantastic cut with which she lets her leg show with sensuality.

Elsa, Frozen 2013

The charming and beautiful dress of Elsa showed us the elegance and beauty that a real princess must have, making girls and girls want to recreate it.

Emma Watson, Met Gala 2016

The eco-friendly and innovative dress that Emma wore during the Met Gala was made of reused plastic bottles, and it certainly reminded us that ecology is not fought with the world of fashion.

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