These are the best days to buy your favorite clothes in Zara


Zara is one of the most famous department stores in the world of fashion. Sure you, like many of us, have gone through that stage of love-hate with the Spanish store: from the chaos that can be generated during a sale season, to the pain of not entering the blouse that you like the most.

But as it is wise to change your mind, we gave another opportunity to this brand and we ventured to know a little more about Zara. The result: we discover which days of the week are the best to buy a garment from its most recent collection and to find it in all its sizes. If you are a fan of this brand, the following tips will make your professional a bit more professional alter ego of serial buyer.

Do you consider yourself addicted to shopping?

Stanford University analyzed the theory of shopping addiction. The results concluded that there is a relationship between the taste to be released and a neurological stimulus that calms mental states such as anxiety, especially in women between 23 and 27 years old.

Zara caters jeans and dressed on Monday and Thursday

This logistic system guarantees that any of the stores is supplied for 24 hours or 36 maximum. Monday and Thursday are the perfect days to discover new collections garments that are born to be exhibited especially on these two days of the week.

So if you are tired of visiting Zara and suffer when you find a cute garment but it is not your size, it is best to wait patiently to be Monday or Thursday.

Same tip for bags and shoes, but on Tuesday and Friday

Recently, Zara positioned one of its products as the most sought after: at the beginning of May one of its models of medium-heeled shoes, with floral print and without heel, reached the label of best seller and sold out its peers almost at the time of launching for sale on its website.

Thanks to the demand, the Spanish store relaunched this model from its website, but only in sizes 23, 23 and a half and 26; the sizes from 24 to 25 are in the physical stores.

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