These 98-year-old spouses recreated their wedding day. 70 years later!


A couple of Chinese grandparents recreated their wedding in exactly the same place to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Cao Yuehua and Wang Deyi met at a student party in Yunnan in 1943. It was the time of World War II and in those years the province It was filled with citizens evacuated from China. Cao was sent to India as an interpreter to do his military service, while Wang remained in China.

When the war ended, after a year the couple met at the Kunming station. Cao handed him a ruby ​​ring that he bought in Burma from Wang and proposed to him. The rest is a long and romantic story.

On November 24, 1945, they were married on the banks of the Jialing River in Chongqing and never separated.

With the help of their four children, they recreated their wedding day

They returned to the same park where they married in 2005 and in 2015

Despite the war, epidemics and other difficult times, they still love each other

In a couple you should always take care of each other. I always think of her and she of me, says Cao Yuehua

Cao, 97, and Wang, 98, want to celebrate again when they turn 100

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