There will be fines for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children

Vaccinating children is an act of great responsibility and failure to do so can have irreversible problems; Today, however, anti-vaccine generation is a reality. It is about parents and people in general who fight to eradicate vaccines arguing that contrary to what they promise, they are harmful and even deadly.

To date, the places where this denial has been taken seriously are counted. But countries like Germany and France have proposed a law to fine parents who promote and practice non-vaccination.

The German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, proposed a fine of two thousand 500 euros to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children; the objective is not to fine, but to ensure that people are immunized, and one of the main purposes is to finish measles. If a school attends children who did not go through this process, they could be denied entry until they confirm that they are out of danger. It should be noted that the application of the law begins as of 2020.

The proposal was submitted after February and March 2018 Germany was the protagonist of most cases of measles in Europe, 651, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control; however, Italy topped the total list with two thousand 498 infections.

UNICEF announced that in 2017 about 110 thousand people worldwide died, mostly minors, which represented 22 percent more than in 2016 because 20 million children lose the first vaccine (before the year) against this sickness.

Two doses of vaccines are needed to be immune to measles. Ninety-seven percent of German children attended their first dose and the second only 93 percent. The World Health Organization warned that it is essential that 95 percent have vaccination to achieve the resistant effect.

Because of disinformation, in the United States there are parents who have refused vaccines for fear of having negative effects on health, which is why there were children who did not have the first dose of this vaccine and the number of vaccines increased. infections, the highest since before giving the virus eradicated in 2000.

In the case of France, the idea is not to fine economically but to prevent children from attending classes, unless it is proven that they are immunized against the 11 diseases that their calendar dictates; applies for children born as of January 1, 2018.

Agnes Buzyn, Minister of Health, explained that the purpose of this law is to clarify doubts about the antidote and highlight its qualities; however, anti-vaccine parents falsify medical certificates indicating that, in effect, their children are already vaccinated; others expect that they will not ask for the document and go unnoticed.

Something positive - among all that foolishness - is that in Spain even though it was not established as required therapeutic control against the virus, more than 95 percent of parents choose to make their babies immune, so the authorities rule out the possibility of fines to avoid alarming people and change their minds.

Not just for kids - Adults need vaccinations, too: Mayo Clinic Radio (April 2021)