The story of a platonic love; Shakira always loved Gustavo Cerati in silence!


Many women know what it is to feel admiration and respect for a friend, that boy who has been by our side unconditionally and has supported us in everything, listens to us and gives us advice, makes us laugh and understands exactly what goes on in our head without let's say a single word.

But we also know what it is to have to love in silence that great character who may not be the protagonist of our great love story and we prefer to give up the possibility of having a relationship because of the fear of losing our best friend.

A tender platonic love

When I was a teenager, Shakira had a crush with one of the greatest idols of the riverock in Spanish: Gustavo Cerati. Over the years, the Colombian managed to position itself as one of the most famous Latin American voices on a world scale, but her admiration for the composer and vocalist of Soda Stereo did not diminish.

Then, in 2005, her producer gave her one of the biggest surprises of her life: the Argentine singer wanted to collaborate with her. Shakira was excited and accepted with pleasure, making one of his greatest dreams come true.

Their love for music brought them together

After working together on the song Special day, a beautiful friendship emerged between the two celebrities. This is how Shakira remembers her afternoons with Cerati:

I had such a good time with him, sometimes we got together to talk to each other. He was a person who trusted me a lot. I think he considered me his friend.

He was a perfectionist, he was always looking for excellence in sounds, in everything. That's why we got along so well and understood each other a lot. I remember that we laughed a lot together, and we also had moments of more depth, in conversations about existentialist issues.

An invaluable treasure

Shakira also commented on a memory that keeps in her memory:

I had a notebook with a leather cover, there I kept words and words, thousands. It was a collection of words that I had started to put together when I was 15 years old. I hope your son has it today, because that little book is a treasure.

She asked Gustavo to inherit it, because she was one of his biggest fans. Now he thinks it's too late to start his own, but if he did, he would do it in honor of the singer-songwriter.

Words of encouragement

When he learned of the terrible cardiovascular attack that the legend of the rock, Shakira wrote a tender letter to the mother of Cerati, in which she asked him to have strength and hope:

Dear Lilian Clark, mother of Gustavo Cerati: Hope is everything. I understand the pain. The frustration I understand now that I am a mother what may be happening, maybe more than I could have felt before Milan was born. I send you many encouragements and a lot of strength from here. Knows? I think a lot about Gustavo. I'm angry that everything that happened has happened. I would like to see him again, talk to him again, listen to me, laugh again with him. I am angry at life when I think it is not possible at this time.

Gustavo knew how to listen. It made me laugh. He laughed at my things. Of the people who have dared to do rock In Spanish, he was the most magical. It is a display of unique talent, one of the greatest Hispanic Lettrists. With him I learned. I have always been and always will be a fan of Gustavo Cerati.

I repeat Hope is everything. Shakira.

Your way of remembering it

The girl from Barranquilla suffered a lot when she found out about the irremediable loss of the singer and dedicated one of her songs to her recent album: Yellow, in memory of the disc Yellow Love of Cerati.

Without realizing it, I was invoking him, I miss him.

Shakira - Nothing Else Matters/Despedida Medley (Live from Paris) (October 2020)