The sexiest math teacher in the world will now be the new image of Armani


Surely you'll remember the sexy math teacher who turned on all the social networks for his incredible physique and who of course stole our hearts; Of course, we are talking about Pietro Boselli, the teacher who became popular after his students shared images of him demonstrating his incredible appeal.

Fortunately for us, Pietro decided to give us a new gift: now he has become the face of the EA7 sports line by Giorgio Armani. Growing up in Italy, I had already worked with the well-known brand, but put aside the life of modeling to focus on his career.

Now, years later, he takes up his interesting life as a model, giving us a new and attractive face to admire.

Pietro had already worked as a model

According to his website, Pietro began his career in 1995, at the tender age of 6 years as the face of the company Armani Junior. A position he held for five years before a talent scouting agency in Milan found him and separated him from the firm.

After taking a break of 7 years in modeling, at age 18 he was called once again to participate in the tests of an Armani commercial, beginning his career as an exclusive model of the Armani catwalk. He has also worked for important brands such as Moschino, Equinox and Vogue. So really the only question we have about this new campaign is: Why did it take you so long to call it again?

The teacher is not just a pretty face

Pietro, who in addition to having a burning body, also has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University College of London, says he always dreamed of being a model, but chose to pursue an academic career instead.

In a way I was embarrassed, I thought that people in the academic world would not take me seriously and make fun of me.

Pietro has an impressive exercise routine

Having Pietro's abs is not easy, he insists that his biceps and abdominals are thanks to a strict diet and a good exercise regimen. He shares his exercise routine on his Instagram account, revealing that he trains twice a day to maintain his body.

Despite his success, Pietro does not leave the things that matter most to him

Pietro now has about 850 thousand followers on Instagram. He calls himself a nerd, since he has rejected many lucrative jobs that would take him away from his books, but now he is taking modeling very seriously, having a separation from his academic career, because he has gotten the job with one of the most luxurious brands in all of Italy.

What do you think of Pietro's new career?

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