The Rugrats are protagonists of the new Fila tennis line and Champs Sports


It's Sunday, you're in the living room eating cereal, even with your pajamas on, watching your favorite cartoons, especially Rugrats You were happy and you did not know, right? How to forget the characters that made us believe in friendship, courage and adventure during the 90s. Maybe those days will not come back, but at least we will have some tennis with their faces.

Yes, you read well, because Fila and Champs Sports came together to launch a collection of memories and as part of their first line of tennis they thought of paying homage to the beloved series of the Rugrats.

The 90s are back and brought the Rugrats with them

The designers thought to please all the fans of Nickelodeon and that's why they created a collection that includes tennis with a unique design, hoodies and accessories that will soon reach all stores.

The collection comes at the best time for Nickelodeon

The channel also joined the Paramount production company to relaunch the franchise with a new series and film. Jason Brown, vice president of Champs, is proud of the project:

We are excited to bring these well-known characters to life. We wish that the new generations know how to appreciate it and they like the idea.

In March the products can be purchased

They will be released the first week of March and its cost does not exceed 70 dollars, a very affordable price, but it is worth paying just to have Tommy, Carlitos, Angelica and Reptar.

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