The review already saw Wonder Woman, and all confirm that it will be the movie you were waiting for


The Wonder Woman is a character based on the mythological race of the Greek Amazons, she is a warrior princess that goes by name: Diana of Themyscira. When you are out of your homeland, use a alter ego: Diana Prince. With incomparable beauty, it is the heroine who has a wide range of superhuman powers and superior combat skills.

We had the feeling that the next movie of Wonder Woman It would be amazing, and apparently it will be. At first, the critic did not bet much for this great production and even made negative comments, but today, they retract everything said.

This girl has gone into action

Several critics shared their impressions about the new masterpiece of DC Comics and unlike what happened with Batman vs Superman Y Suicide Squad, It seems that there will be no controversy here, because everyone loved the excellent work of realization of the Warner Bros.

The interpretations of Gal Gadot, like Diana of Themyscira and Chris Pine, like Steve Trevor, promise to give us a relationship with a lot of chemistry.

There is no one to stop her

Director Patty Jenkins brought a nice change to the style of DC: tempestuous, sincere, sometimes careless, but entertaining, with an inspired Gal Gadot as an embodiment of the truth, justice and way of life of the Amazons.

The best Amazon princess

There is no doubt that it is the movie that we were waiting for: it is fun and does not cause anguish as with other superheroes; in itself, it is the best representative of the cinematographic universe so far.

There is very little to see

Now we just have to wait for its premiere on June 2.

Wonder Woman Review By Marvel Fanboy (January 2021)