The reaction of this man to see his bride arrive at the altar is melting the hearts of all


This video has been reproduced almost 400 thousand times since it was released on the Internet on June 8 and deals with the most emotional moment of a wedding, just when the bride walks to the altar and is received by her future husband.

The audiovisual production company for weddings and social events in London called From Rienzo Films was responsible for recording the video, which probably never imagined the impact it would cause in the networks, because it went viral in a matter of hours. All because people have not stopped talking about the reaction of this boyfriend who could not contain his tears to see the woman of his life walk towards him in his wedding dress. And you will feel the same when you see this video.

They are Annabelle and Gabriel Deku

Anabelle studied politics and sociology, while her now husband, Gabrielle, studied financial economics. Both met in the library, studying, but everything went to the next level to fall madly in love.

The couple tied the knot in May 2016

I can not with this, they are too cute with or without suit and wedding dress.

Until finally the big day arrived

The whole atmosphere is out of this world: the choir voices of the church, the incredible shots they made From Rienzo Films, the architecture of the St. Martin temple, where the ceremony took place, the beauty of a bride and her dress.

All this made Gabrielle, the emotional boyfriend, could not take it anymore and broke down in tears to see his future wife.

Gabrielle says that her now wife had never seen him cry like that

Generally Annabelle is the emotional one in the relationship, she really had never seen me cry like that. But when I saw her, I thought, my goddess. I could not believe that the day had finally arrived.

When I met her, at that time I had lost all hope of finding love. I thought that the idea of ​​having a life partner who could love and respect me unconditionally only existed in the movies. But I was so wrong because love exists.

And of course, the story moved everyone

This is the most beautiful entrance to the altar I have ever seen before. God bless you both .

We all had the reactions of the bridesmaids when watching the video

I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry; Ok, I need a handkerchief, I'm crying! .

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