The point of being single is NOT looking for love

Many people confuse the term single. They do not know what it means or how to act during this unfortunate situation they are in. For them, it only represents a status from which they must flee. It is a state with which you never feel comfortable. This type of people who go out continuously with someone, does not understand that being in a relationship is a stage of life, like being single.

Those people who only go from relationship to relationship without having a time without a partner, have no idea of ​​what life is like once they have given up on the idea that a boyfriend or girlfriend is the only source of happiness.

Contrary to what most people believe, being single is not about being in search of love. Being alone or alone, you can also have love, only this time it is about loving yourself as much as you would like to love someone else or love you.

It's about maturing as a person and growing up, so if you think you're single, you better think about doing things right. Stay firm in your decision when people suggest that it is better to find a partner, and show that you are single because you want it and not by accident.

1. It's about finding the passion in your life, not between the sheets

The best part of being single is that you can look for one thing (or several) that will absorb you so much that you would miss them and long for them in the same way you would with a lover.

Your passions will always love you. They will never leave or leave you without warning. They will not become part of your life and then disappear. And of course your passions should be the only ones to go with you to bed, before anyone else.

2. It's about giving love without asking for anything in return

Being alone is not about looking for someone who loves you, but looking for what you can love. It is about establishing relationships that do not need to be reciprocal, and leaving aside the fear of surrendering your heart and not recovering it.

You can love several people at the same time you love your books, your favorite movies, your new passions.

3. Is to make yourself a better person, not another

Sometimes, it's time to heal your wounds and stop looking for love. It is a time that you should use to try to be a better person, even if it takes years to achieve it. Only when you are single can you work on yourself; Explore your weaknesses and shortcomings and build the best version of you.

You can not ask for the best of another person if you have not worked on you.

4. It's about dedicating your life to one person, not two

Being selfish is only a problem when you are with someone else. Being single and worrying about you is not at all selfish, on the contrary, it is necessary. Your life is completely yours, with no one to occupy all your time.

Being single and in love with yourself is one of the most enviable relationships you can have.

5. It is to follow your own schedule, not someone else's

Eat when you want, wake up when you're ready and create the life that fits only your own needs. You have time to see your old friends and hang out with people who, otherwise, you could not see if you had to split your time to be with someone else.

It's not about going out and finding someone quickly, but about keeping your calendar free and spontaneous. What every person with a relationship could envy.

Why Only the Happily Single Find True Love (January 2021)