The Pink Moon is about to arrive and will have effects on your body


How long have you not looked at the sky? You probably have not noticed if it's been days or months, but this April 19 is the perfect time to turn up and witness the Luna Rosa.

The only drawback is that this moon will not really look that color, but the Native Americans called it the full moons that occur at the beginning of spring, inspired by the wild pink flowers called, Phox.

What is the Pink Moon?

It is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth, so it is a bright and fully illuminated moon that is worth observing.

When can you see it?

This moon will be visible on Friday, April 19, and will be visible all over the planet.

5 Effects that the Luna Luna will have on your mind and body

The effects of this moon are scientifically proven, and it is known to control the tides. But not only does the waves take over, but also of human beings who experience some of these changes:

1. Increase in energy

When it is well channeled, this increase in energy can help you achieve goals that you have been pursuing for some time.

2. Debugging

It is a good time to debug, because this moon favors changes and helps to get away from habits, people or relationships that we no longer need and even hinder us.

3. New projects

New projects flow and accelerate, but envy and negative energy are also present, so do not let your guard down and trust only your close ones.

4. Increased anxiety

Not only anxiety, but also compulsive behaviors will increase, so letting go by the rational rather than the instinct will be paramount.

5. Possible conflicts

Although the sexual intensity will increase, you must be careful to avoid conflicts and emotional entanglements.

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