The photos of Keanu Reeves for GQ show that he is the eternal heartthrob of Hollywood


In Hollywood there is only one actor who possesses the attractiveness, charisma, chivalry, kindness, humility and mystery that a woman seeks in her life. Her name? Keanu Reeves.

Keanu has not had a simple life: his father trafficked drugs, his mother had to work stripper to get food, in 1999 and eight months into his pregnancy his girlfriend Jennifer Syme lost the baby they expected and two years later, she died in a car accident. Now it is common to see him on the streets enjoying the scenery, using public transport and helping those who have less.

Due to his experiences, the actor usually keeps his private life away from the media and it is not common for him to grant interviews; however, the magazine GQ published an interview on the occasion of the promotion of his film John Wick: Parabellum, with a series of photos that prove that at 54, he is still the most handsome.

Keanu Revees has just given an interview to GQ

Between each question, he shared a bit of his private life

And he also proved.

That still has that air of misunderstood bad boy that drives us crazy

And what is like good wines

Of course, the Internet could not contain itself

Despite being 54 years old, he looks better than any 30-year-old boy

In short, he is the man we all deserve!

Because there is no one more perfect than him on this planet

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