The more time you spend single, the better it will go in your next relationship


There are people who are very afraid of loneliness, so immediately after finishing a relationship they run into the arms of another. Interestingly, they quickly realize that this new pair is equal to the previous one. The immaturity makes the relationship fail, then again resort to the same alternative: find a new partner and so on. They always attract the same type of people and do not understand what they are doing wrong.

When you spend your time as a couple, you learn to meet the needs of other people before yours and soon you discover in front of the mirror a woman with a thousand masks, frustrated and desperate. You really do not know what you want, but you're still looking for solutions or alternatives to make your relationship work.

The reality is that you do not know yourself, you do not know what you really expect or need. In order to have a healthy relationship, the first thing you should do is stop trying to be what others want or expect from you. You must learn to value yourself, to love yourself, and the best alternative to achieve that is to spend some time alone.

Being single does not mean you're a loser, but you really understand the value of your company; You start an exhaustive job trying to find yourself behind the whole mass of problems that other individuals have brought you. You do not have to do what others expect of you, but to please yourself.

Remember that being single does not mean being alone, you can go out and have fun with your friends, meet people, do different activities, learn new things that you have always wanted to try; challenge you to fulfill purposes and overcome fears. Being single means more time for you, for your family, to realize you as a woman.

Stop trying to fit into the stereotypes of women, where you have to get married soon and have children. It's time to love you first and the rest will come alone. Try new things, dance, laugh, travel Each experience will teach you who you are and what you really need, then launch yourself for it with open arms.

Do not try to fill a gap, realize that another person can never complement you; you are already a whole woman, with defects and virtues, and they are worth exactly as you are. A time away from relationships will also teach you to overcome trials and obstacles so that when the time comes and you find that other person who deserves to be in your life, you receive it ready to start a love story like you always longed for .

Make peace with yourself, respect yourself, commit yourself and discover how wonderful it is to spend time in solitude. If you can not be with yourself, how do you expect other people to want to do it? It's time to free yourself from prejudice.

It will not be so simple at the beginning nor do you expect everything to happen as if by magic; understand that it is a process that you have set aside for a long time and there will be many things that you will have to forgive and accept from you and your character, but once you do it will be worth it, and then you will never allow it to enter your life Another man who does not appreciate you.

Remember that the more time you spend with yourself, the better your next relationship will be, and the success you have desired so much will be your reward. Because they can not hurt you anymore, because now you will know what you want and that is exactly what you are going to get.

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