The more love you give, the more love you have left


When starting a relationship, in addition to the initial euphoria, it is inevitable to feel that we should go with a little caution. We have been told that it is not good to give everything from the beginning, or show all the intensity of emotions, when the only truth is that love gives itself.

It is an impressive force that when it comes out, it multiplies and comes back to you in every way. To offer yourself to the other costs less than you think and the reward is the joy itself of doing it.

There are other types of beings that love to be loved, ignoring a simple and forceful truth: we can ask and we will be given, we just need to know how to give what we ask first. We all want to be loved, but many only ask others to do so. You love?

Let go and free yourself from the need to retain; no one should be forced where he does not want under any circumstances. Do not be afraid to lose the love of another person, because whoever wants to be by your side does it in the conditions that they are, and whoever wants to get away will do so without hesitation.

Loving also means accepting others as they are, even if they are totally opposed, although it is not easy to understand them, even though they can not love you as you want. Understand that each one does the best we can with what we have.

Go out, walk in the sun, surrender without reserve and allow each part of your being to be filled with that wonderful energy that surrounds us and accompanies us at every step.

Sandeul - I'll Give You The Love I Have Left | 산들 - 내게 남은 사랑을 드릴게요 [Immortal Songs 2] (January 2021)