The more honest and direct you are the more alone you will stay: study


If you are a girl brutally honest, You know how difficult it is to fit into a society in which appearances rule, and even to issue an opinion based on the truth leads you to lose friends and relationships, such as love.

But it's not your fault, or at least that's what a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, which has proven why the more honest and direct you are the more lonely you are.

Research conducted by Kai Chi Yam and Christopher Barnes of the University of Washington in Seattle found that those who have a simple sense of humor often have more friends, for the simple reason that they are more open and relaxed, unlike those who are more rational, honest and direct, because before the eyes of others they seem difficult characters to treat:

Those who place more emphasis on honesty and sincerity have less sense of humor than their morally conscious counterparts.

To reach this result, a group of 100 people was asked to evaluate jokes and express their most honest opinions about it.

The result was that those who are more sincere have less sense of humor, are more rational, direct and honest.

This makes it clear that people prefer to have a good time between jokes, simple conversations and superficial comments to listen to something deep that may make them reflect, but at the same time make them feel marked, responsible or hurt.

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