The model that was BURNED? Much of her body will be MARRIED to her lifelong boyfriend


The beautiful love story between the model who burned 65% of her body, Turia Pitt, and her lifelong boyfriend, Michael Hoskin, will finally have a happy ending. Turia, at 26 years old, has engaged with Michael after he asked her the long-awaited question with a diamond ring he bought four years ago, while she was in intensive care after her accident.

The former model became an inspiration after she suffered horrible burns all over her body due to a forest fire that invaded the area where a charity marathon was held in Australia in 2011, in which the model participated. The fire caused terrible burns that have made her go through innumerable operations, leaving her with strong physical and psychological consequences.

Turia has had to undergo more than 200 operations to be able to reconstruct her face and body

Fortunately, her boyfriend Michael has been on her side all the time to support her.

Michael revealed to a magazine that he bought the engagement ring while she was in recovery

He proposed marriage while vacationing in the Maldives

I'm lucky to go to sleep with this wonderful man. Every day that I wake up with him is a great day.

Turia appeared on the July cover of The Australian Womens Weekly, where she declares why she considers herself lucky.

I'm just moving on with my life. We should all be doing as much as possible with the circumstances we must face in our lives. Because we have only one life, and we can choose between sitting down and feeling sorry for ourselves, or standing up and getting ahead. I chose to do the latter.

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