The miraculous transformation of Hope, the child rescued in Africa that moved the world


When Anja Ringgren Loven met a little boy at the beginning of the year, he was in a state of extreme malnutrition and on the verge of death. The young Danish collaborated at the head of the NGO African Childrens Aid Education and Development Foundation when he saw him wandering completely naked through the streets of Nigeria.

An emotional image was immediately broadcast on social networks. In it appeared the Danish giving Hope, name with which the child was baptized, a little water and then take him immediately to the hospital. There, the stomach parasites were removed, he received daily transfusions and he was given a special diet to stabilize his health.

I did not expect the reason why Hope was in that state

Contrary to what the whole NGO team believed when they found Hope, the child was not famished because he was lost or living in extreme poverty.

His parents rejected him and abandoned him

They were convinced that Hope was a sorcerer. Thousands of children accused of witchcraft are tortured, threatened and killed in Africa, said Ringgren.

The NGO asked for help for Hope

And the generosity of those who knew the story was amazing. Two days later, they had received a million dollars in donations around the world.

A generous gesture can transform lives

In addition to giving Hope a better treatment, Ringgren and his team plan to build a clinic with the proceeds to help more children in situations of abandonment and torture.

The power of hope

From their meeting, Hope is stable and has responded favorably to the medication. Now you can sit down and smile. He's a strong boy, Ringgren finished.

Aid Worker Saves Nigerian Boy Accused Of Being A Witch (January 2021)