The male contraceptive pill is already a reality


The contraceptive pills are safe and effective if you take them following the instructions properly. However, for most women it turns out to be a tedious and tedious method because they have to be precise and, unfortunately, we do not all remember to take them literally. That's why, from time to time, we could use a little help and, fortunately, men will have their pill.

The Biomedical Research Institute of Los Angeles has successfully created and tested the first male contraceptive pill. Its effectiveness is similar to that of the female and also preserves the libido so that the flame of passion is never extinguished.

Finally it was time for a male pill!

The male reproductive biologist Christina Wang and her research team recruited 40 men and, for 28 days, 30 of them took low and high doses of a chemical called beta methyl nortestosterone and the rest tested with placebos.

Our results suggest that this pill, which combines two hormonal activities in one, will decrease sperm production and preserve libido.

Since the production of testosterone stops in the testes, the action of androgens in the rest of the body maintains masculinity elsewhere, such as hoarse voice, sexual desire and body mass.

The participants did not show reactions

The participants did not present significant clinical reactions, but showed reduced levels of two hormones called LH and FSH, which are necessary for sperm production.

As for the sexual effects, five men said they felt slight changes in the libido, and two mild erectile dysfunction.

According to experts, the hormonal pill should be available in the market in about 10 years. Although it seems to be a long time, the researchers emphasized that it is necessary to ensure that the drugs work 100 percent to block sperm and thus prevent pregnancy.

Developing a male birth control pill (April 2021)