The looks of Elle Fanning in Cannes that crowned her as the it girl of the moment


The Cannes Festival is not over yet, so celebrities continue to wear their best clothes; undoubtedly Elle Fanning has become the best dressed youth star of all. The actress presented the film at the festival How to Talk Girls at Parties along with, the also actress, Nicole Kidman.

Thanks to her sophisticated, youthful and fresh style, Elle has become the new ambassador The real, not to mention that the great designers and fashion magazines have crowned her as the girl Item of the whole festival. These are the looks from Elle Fanning who have conquered Cannes.

Elle Fanning is the It Girl of the moment

Dakota's younger sister made her film debut when she was only three years old, playing a younger version of her sister in the movie I am Sam. Since then the actress of only 19 years has appeared in more than 30 films and now has been crowned as the girl with more style of the Cannes Festival.

Gucci It has given him sensuality

The model that the actress wore showed a deep neckline adorned with laurel leaves glitter and a vaporous skirt with flowers at the end of the dress. Undoubtedly, an outfit that made her look sensual, without looking vulgar.

Prada it gave an artistic touch

The outfit of Prada that Fanning wore, was inspired by the women of the seventies. And to give a final touch and keep remembering the best of fashion of those years, the actress used platforms in orange, which made her look a mile long legs.

Miu miu He dressed her with a Boho look

The dress created by the firm Miu miu It was vaporous and with details printed in yellow and blue. To complement the boho outfit, Elle opted to wear a disheveled braid and round glasses in pink.

Vivienne Westwood gave her sophistication

Elle wore an incredible princess dress created by Vivienne Westwood that had fun illustrations painted by hand by the designer in the back. The idea was of the actress and it took around 300 hours to create it.

Again Prada it made her look romantic

Elle also wore a beautiful dress Prada in tone beige with green feathers and a belt in pink tone like his clutch, an outfit with which she looked completely fantastic.

Dior Couture he dressed her like spring

Elle wore a dress from the house of Dior which reminded us of spring in a simple and discreet way, without flashy flowers or bright colors.

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