The length of your hair reveals all the secrets of your personality


For most girls, hair is a natural accessory that makes us look feminine and sexy, also defines our style and look, for this reason it is so hard for us to decide to cut it, dye it and even comb it, since it is our cover letter in any situation.

Although your hair can be your best ally, it can also betray you a bit by showing features of your character. Recent studies have shown that the length of your hair reveals important aspects of your personality, from your ability to make decisions to your self-esteem.

Hair pixie

If your hair is short, you are a girl with a serene and pleasant personality. You love making new friendships and meeting people with different tastes. Not all situations take them seriously, sometimes you let go of your craziest side and when you show yourself immature you do not measure the consequences of your actions; Even so, you know how to adjust to problems and you always have a commitment for what you do.

The length of your hair guarantees you comfort and a good appearance. You are fun, outgoing, and you love to innovate. In general, girls who cut their short hair want to be less sensitive and suffer less from life.

cut bob

You are a brutally honest, simple and agile girl when making decisions, so you also become unstable. You are a fashion lover and do not fear to experiment new looks You know how to balance your life, so do not mix the personal with the work and always keep your promises.

cut long bob

This haircut shows how happy you are with your physical appearance and that you enjoy being a woman full of elegance and sensuality. You are an expert in getting along with others, so it is not difficult for you to make new friends, you attract the kids in a natural way thanks to your versatile personality.

You seek balance in life in order to adapt to all kinds of situations and appreciate the dynamism, self-sufficiency and sincerity of people.

Extra long hair

You are the romance girl who lives each one of your dreams. In a matter of men you are demanding and selective, as well as jealous, but when you fall in love you do it strongly and you are sentimental, you are also flexible, with a bohemian and creative spirit.

What Your Hair Length Says About Your True Personality (September 2020)