The KAMA SUTRA for couples not so newly married

When you are newly married it is very difficult to stay away from each other, but over the years those happy days become distant memories, and fights begin.

For centuries, couples found inspiration in the old book of Kama Sutra to satisfy your wishes and make a happy and lasting marriage. Now Simon Rich, one of the funniest writers in the United States, and the famous cartoonist Farley Katz created the Kama Sutra of marriage, a guide to the most common positions after marriage that help keep the spark and the home alive in complete order .

1. The dishwasher

Ideal for couples who like to take a role in the relationship. The man decides to wash the dirty dishes, then the woman helps him subtly, to do it herself, because otherwise her husband will do everything incorrectly.

2. Motivation to the act

The woman approaches passionately to clean an area near the man's feet, giving him to understand that he should also help with cleaning.

3. Changing the rules

It is related to the change in the rules of behavior, ideal for couples who have lived together for years. In this position the man contaminates the clean air in the room without having to apologize to his wife.

4. Perverse lovebirds

When the man and the woman have dinner with another married couple whose problems are worse than theirs, they squeeze their hands under the table, blink each other and smile with superiority to show their infatuation.

5. Position 2 + 1

A classic position for couples with children. The man slowly kisses the neck of the woman, they caress each other tenderly, and then the children enter the room saying that they are afraid, that they can not sleep, and ask permission to stay with their parents. If this happens, take a deep breath and remember why you love them too.

6. Position If you love me, buy me clothes

The woman can energetically start asking the man to buy him new clothes that he has not bought in years, while he resists and tries to avoid it in any way possible.

7. The hurt ego

It can be carried out when the woman needs help to move some furniture from the house and without asking her husband for help she better calls the muscular neighbor who, of course, takes off his shirt. The woman will obtain a satisfactory vision when seeing the naked torso of the young person while the man feels miserable and hurt.

8. The waltz of laziness

When the children are with the grandmother, and both have plans to leave but instead decide to take an early sleep because they really need to sleep freely as much as they want. This position is called the waltz of laziness.

9. The closing call

The woman sneaks into the room and the man quickly closes his computer so she can not see that he has been looking for his ex-girlfriends on Facebook. In this position it is possible that the man has excessive sweating due to nervousness and that the woman has a very bad mood change.

10. Relaxation

This position is exclusive for the relaxation of the woman. It can be done when the man goes on a business trip and in his absence, she takes a relaxing bath and drinks one or several glasses of wine. A true moment of peace.

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