The image of this nurse breastfeeding a baby goes viral; the reason is incredible


In the midst of violence, war and attacks, children suffer the most. However, there are events that make you regain hope that humanity can be supportive even in the most critical situations.

During her shift at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital on Friday night, pediatric nurse Ula Ostrowski-Zak nursed a 9-month-old baby after refusing to drink milk from a bottle. For seven hours the child went hungry and cried endlessly, but Ula did not hesitate to help him.

Any mother would have done it

The baby's family had collided head-on with a bus on Route 60 in the West Bank, due to the accident his father died and his mother suffered a serious head injury that left her unable to feed the child.

The baby, who was slightly injured, cried for seven hours in the emergency room because of how hungry he was, so the baby's aunts asked Ula if she could help them find someone to feed the child, but she offered as a volunteer to do it for two days.

They asked me if I could find someone to breastfeed the baby, but I gave him breast as I do with my own son. I'm in the hospital all night, it was a very simple task. I am a great believer of breastfeeding, I have breastfed my son for a year, therefore I had enough milk for him too.

Ula also asked for help to feed him

After that, Ula made a post on a page of breastfeeding mothers on Facebook asking for help to breastfeed the baby and received numerous responses from women who were willing to go to the hospital.

In two hours I received more than a thousand likes and answers from women who offered to help and who were willing to travel from Haifa to breastfeed this beautiful baby.

This gesture of kindness touched sensitive fibers due to the war between Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East. Unfortunately so far the mother of the baby is still in serious condition.

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