The history of THE NOTEBOOK will now be brought to television in a new SERIES


Do you still sigh when you remember the beautiful love story of Noah and Allie in The Notebook (Diary of a passion in Spanish)? It is time to continue with the big sighs, because the story that inspired this great movie will be taken to television as a series.

The novel by writer Nicholas Sparks will be recorded on The CW television network. The series will narrate the adventures of Noah and Allie after they decide to start a life together. The context will adapt to the racial politics, economic inequalities and social customs of the post-Second World War era, in late 1940, in North Carolina, United States.

Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW chain, mentioned that he is very happy that Nicholas Sparks decided to make the series with the television network. The protagonists of the story are not yet confirmed, and it is unknown if the series will explore the issue of Alzheimer's suffered by Allie in his adulthood. The main idea is to focus on the youth stage of the characters.

It's a classic romance story, that even after a decade continues to conquer our hearts. But, let's be honest, the success of the movie based on The Notebook lives thanks to the characters were played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam, whose chemistry on the big screen will be hard to beat. Hopefully the new players can catch our attention and make us vibrate in the same way.

And you, how excited are you about this series?

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