The groom PERFECT: 30 signs that you are a LUCKY to date a simple boy

We all love the movie guy, with feelings as deep as the ocean and who knows exactly what to say. It is natural to want to be part of that seductive image painted in romantic novels and in films with very bad actors. However, reality is often not as beautiful as in dreams, and that type of man is not at all the best type.

The real thing is that the men you stay with are those who have a trustworthy and honest nature; that are nice and attentive. They are the ones who put a smile in your life, complicated by many reasons that have nothing to do with romance. They are relaxed and positive. They do not try to consume you. They are the boys of great hearts who sometimes make mistakes, but they are always by your side. That can be your best friend.

This simple man is better than the one in the movies, and he can win your heart with such simple actions that make it perfect for you. He is great for all these reasons:

1. When it comes to gifts, you laughed thinking about the phrase: intention is what counts.

2. Sometimes you are surprised at the nonsense that comes out of your mouth

3. Enjoy a lot of simple things in life

4. Eating your favorite ice cream or watching your team win makes you euphoric and that's awesome

5. Rarely do you have mood swings

6. It does not tell you anything that has a hidden meaning. You have learned not to look for a double meaning to things because you honestly do not have to do it

7. He trusts you and you know you can trust him too

8. Never get involved in fights or create problems where there are not

9. He can make you laugh, literally, in any situation, even when you do not intend to.

10. Do not hold grudges or remember unpleasant things

He says: Forget it, let's go eat and have a beer.

11. He does not always understand your problems, but the poor man tries

12. He is honest with you. Sometimes, too much, and you try to suppress the urge to hit your insensitive face. However, you know that he never tries to manipulate you or cheat you.

13. Do not create absurd scenarios if you do not answer the messages in time

14. If he does not communicate for a few hours, he is probably playing FIFA with his friends or what is he sleeping

15. Do not mind making a fool of yourself if it's about getting a smile

16. Do not try to get away from your friends and family. He wants you to be happy next to those you love.

17. He knows what he wants and does not doubt his relationship, even if you sometimes do it. If you hesitate, you know I would tell you.

18. Handle difficult situations with enough patience. Take the problems peacefully as they come and evaluate them as they are.

19. It motivates you when you need me to do it

20. Your way of relating to yourself has improved

She has learned and given you enough attention to have an idea of ​​how women work.

21. You have no problems with the people with whom you present it. He does not cause conflicts with the people you love. He is only with you and gets along with everyone.

22. Keep your word

23. Do not play with you

24. Never try to make decisions for you. Respect your ability to do it for yourself.

25. He moves away from the drama and simply does his things

26. You have claimed him at least once or twice why he did not care as much as you would have liked, only to realize that it did not matter much anyway.

27. They have very funny stories about their attempts at romance

28. You can count on the fingers of your hands the times you have raised your voice. It does not name you or degrade you. Do not lose your temper.

29. Your favorite moment is when they do the simplest things: board games, movie marathons, walks, car rides, dancing and watching fun videos are perfect experiences that both have lived. They do not need more than to be together and things flow by themselves.

30. It's your best friend

Who will always choose you, who takes care of you and who you know will always make you see the sun in the darkest parts of your life. You know that he wants the best for you, that with him there will be no complications or dramatic situations.

In short, he makes you see life simpler. Happiness is simple because you trust in love.

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