The great DIFFERENCE between loving someone and being IN LOVE

Single women have grown tired of hearing the same things, over and over again: Why do not you have a boyfriend? You are very pretty to be single! What could be wrong with you? During the years that I have remained single, I have given a simple answer: I am not in love with anyone

They say that when you fall in love with someone you feel euphoric and your knees weaken. Supposedly, you only know it. It's something you have no control over. But other people tell me that loving someone is a choice, something you can control. That's how I realized that they do not talk to me about it, but about two totally different feelings: being in love and loving.

What is the main difference? That one can live without the other, while one of the two, no.

Amar is to choose to love . We love our parents because they go to the ends of the earth for us. We love our friends because we can trust them. We love our boyfriends because they are there for us. But how do we know if we are really in love our boyfriends?

Last year, I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend. One morning, I woke up and realized something: I was not in love with the man next to me.

When I tried to explain what he wanted to say, I could not find the right words. I could not express myself adequately, because I could barely understand why I felt what I was feeling. The only thing I could say was that I felt dissatisfied. When I was able to rationalize the matter, I came to the conclusion that he cared deeply for me; I respected him; I trusted him, I even wanted him, but I did not love him.

To love a man is to support his passions

Not only support those passions, but admire them so much that their desire for them motivates you to feel equally passionate about yours.

Loving a man is sharing your thoughts with him, while being in love means that you will share your thoughts with him, and when you are not with him you will see him in every place you go, you will think of him with every person you know and you will feel him in every scent you smell

To love a man is to feel comfortable in his arms

To be in love with a man is to love his warm embrace and consequently you want to please him in everything you can, because you have as much need to express yourself physically with him as emotionally.

One can be in love with a man and love him automatically become part of the package, but it is not necessary to be in love to love him.

Again and again I have wondered if I should have accepted being a friend's girlfriend who proposed it to me, but I said no, and I'm still single. In my heart, however, I know that it is the best. If it had happened maybe it would have felt good because it must have been something indescribable. For some, falling in love is enough, but for others it takes a reason to experience love: for me, being a couple of a man that I can learn to love, hoping at the same time that we fall in love later, is a leap of faith that I am not willing to give.

It seems to me that, as human beings, we have unique and personal limits on what we believe to be in love, and love. We must be guided by them and trust. That slight difference varies from person to person according to the intensity with which he is able to take hold of someone, above the strength with which another person can do it.

If we all feel differently, we can not judge a single woman for being one if she has not felt satisfied in loving. Perhaps those extremes between loving and falling in love are what separate the rational from the dreamers.

8 Differences Between Being In Love With & Loving Someone (January 2021)