The first trailer of Batwoman comes to light and ignites the controversy in Gotham City


The public becomes increasingly demanding in what they consume; for example, Batwoman is about to debut, the first trailer has already come to light and has not been to the fans' liking.

Ruby Rose will give life to bat girl, which will reach the screen in the fall through the Warner Channel, and is motivated for viewers to see the first chapter, which captured all the relationships and characters, as the story tells.

Doing a bit of history about how Batichica arrived, it happened three years after Batman disappeared from Gotham, it was all chaotic and the inhabitants needed a new superhero.

But not everything looks rosy: the trailer of the first advance has at the moment four million reproductions, in addition to 70 thousand likes and 296 dislikes, and more than 81 thousand comments of all kinds.

What has bothered Batwoman fans the most is that she said she will not allow the credits to be taken by Batman, since she does her job well. In addition, fans claim that the comment made that when she wears the suit is perfect for him to be a woman, is an act of discrimination and insults white heterosexual men.

It is important to mention that the new series is part of the Arrowverse, the science fiction universe, and this time Gothic City will once again have activity with Batwoman.

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