The first pop star and amputee model exhibits his leg prosthesis in a music video


The singer and model Viktoria Modesta, born in Latvia, in northern Europe, released her first music video where she splendidly shows her bionic leg. It is the first pop star to use a prosthesis, which has served as inspiration for many.

In an interview that the singer offered to the English newspaper Daily Mail, she talks about how she was born with a dislocated leg and hip, which affected her social life while she was in school. He endured 15 surgeries that were unsuccessful, so he moved to London with the hope of having a better treatment. After several procedures that were not successful, finally convinced the doctors to amputate her leg, which freed her from all her complexes and increased her confidence in herself.

Unimpeded dreams

Now Viktoria is proud of everything that happened and has encouraged many people to always follow their dreams, regardless of the obstacles.

Disability: an easy target for teasing

When Viktoria and her parents emigrated to London and she started high school, her problems increased because her disability made her an easy target for teasing.

Why get rid of a part of the body?

The surgeons had refused to amputate my leg and they were telling me why I would want to get rid of a part of my body

Control of your own body

I had heard of people who undergo sex change operations because they feel disconnected with their bodies, and it was something very similar to what I needed to gain control of my own body

Clean and new account

The fact that my leg was amputated was not a bad thing, it was good for me, like starting over.

Something positive

Viktoria has spent the last years polishing her talent as a model and pop singer. Show your disability as something unique, creative, positive.

Extravagant designs

Viktoria uses extravagant designs in his prosthesis, which are part of his costumes on stage.

A singing on the rise

The music video of Viktoria, called Prototype, lasts six minutes and cost 200 thousand euros to produce it.

A singer creating awareness

The goal of the video is to raise awareness about the possibilities that people who lack a member of their body, in their country and in the world.

Prototype (video)

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