The fatal accident of Princess Diana inspires theme park attraction


On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana of Wales, aged 36, was killed in a car accident. The whole world was moved to hear the news, because the wife of Prince Charles was very dear because of his public and recognized work in favor of the poor and sick, the most needy, in various countries of the world.

And yet, it seems that not all share in the same feeling before the disappearance of a woman who did good without looking at whom.

Last Friday, May 24, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA. UU., The National Enquirer Live amusement park! put into operation an attraction that through a recreation in 3D relives the accident in which Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed (his sentimental partner) and Henri Paul (his driver) lost their lives when the car crashed at the entrance to the Túnel de lAlma in the city of Paris, France, while they fled from the paparazzi.

Robin Turner, one of the owners of the park, explained that it is a recreation that simulates that the user goes inside the car. The route begins at the exit of the hotel Ritz, continues through the streets that the car traveled that last day of August 97, it is even possible to see the flashes of the cameras of those who followed the car of the Princess Everything ends in the crash.

When finished, and if the fun users have access, they can answer a series of questions, for example: Do you think royalty was involved? Do you think Diana was pregnant?

Before the criticism and displeasure that caused in many people the opening of an attraction like this, Turner defended himself:

No blood You can see the accident of the car through computer animation, but the close-ups of Diana's lifeless body and that kind of thing do not appear.

The cost to go the route in which the mother of William and Harry lost the life is of 20 dollars.

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