The famous COUPLE #FollowMeTo publishes photos of its AMAZING honeymoon


One of the coolest things to share with the person you love should be to travel together. Especially if you do it like Murad and Natalia Osmann.

Surely you will recognize this couple who holds hands when traveling to different parts of the planet and in December 2013 created a series of photographs using the hashtag #FollowMeTo in their Instagram accounts. Well, last June the couple finally decided to take their adventures to the next level, and gave us a beautiful vision of their wedding.

It was only a matter of time before these newlyweds released a new batch of photos in #FollowMeTo, this time of their honeymoon. With these images you will probably want to fall in love and share adventures around the world.

Osman uses one hand to take the photos and another to hold on to the love of his life

They are the most famous couple on Instagram because they take each other's hands when they travel to different parts of the world

Since the beginning of the series of photos #FollowMeTo

This couple conquered countless cities and explored all kinds of exotic places

The first stop of your wedding trip was in Las Vegas, where you can see the fountains of the Bellagio

and the view from your balcony

The Honeymoon continued on the Maldives islands

where they strolled along the beach and walked through the sparkling blue waters

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