The dark side of #NetflixAndChill; report the first case of addiction to watch series and movies


This year the World Health Organization classified as a mental disorder the addiction to social networks and online games, however, it is possible that they are no longer the only recreational activities of the modern world that could be considered dangerous for mental health: now , watching movies and series on digital platforms could become one too.

The first case of this new disorder took place in India, where Netflix has just arrived in communities where the Internet connection has increased, and is that its demand is increasing every day around the world.

A young Indian of 26 years came to an addiction care center convinced of suffering a severe need to be connected to the famous video platform, in an average of seven to ten hours a day.

The boy, from Bangalore, southern India, blamed his problems to interact with the outside world, lack of interest in people and little ability to pay attention to his obsessive desire to be stuck to the screen watching the series of the moment or his favorite movie.

Manoj Sharama, doctor and professor in Clinical Psychology, who attended the problem in the Services for the Healthy Use of Technology, said that the behavior of the patient is very similar to that of addicts to networks or video games.

The most alarming thing, said Sharama, is that with this behavior the addict reinforces his presence in the virtual world while he is absent from real life, finding ephemeral relief on the Internet, while shutting himself off from everything known out there.

Has it happened to you? Watch the dark screen while the next chapter of your series begins and doubt if it's time to turn everything off and rejoin the real world or if one more episode does not hurt anyone.

A recent study, in the same town of Bangalore, showed evidence that most users who abuse the Internet often forget unconsciously or consciously other tasks that used to be vital for their daily lives.

Most problems of Internet addiction, networks or video games occur in adolescent males or young adults, like this, the first case of addiction to the platform of streaming. What girlfriend has not been planted recently, while his boy plays Fornite? Now maybe they'll leave you waiting, but for watching Vikings on Netflix.

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