The cruel truth behind the puppies that walk on two legs; this is the abuse they live


Whenever we see videos showing animals in social networks, tenderness and fun immediately take over, especially when it comes to dogs performing a funny act or including some mischief.

Recently a video went viral where a dog appeared dressed as a small child, walking and jumping on its two hind legs. Maybe you thought it was beautiful, but you have never stopped to think, how do you get the dog to walk like that? The reality is stormy, because most dogs are tortured and mistreated to make them look like small people.

They hurt you for fun

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mitch (@ SandMonkey457) May 17, 2017

This is the video that probably spent hours laughing and also shared on all your social networks just to entertain your followers.

It seems fun to see the dog walking upright, wearing a white top, pants and a backpack through the streets of China. His walk is so normal that it is impressive, so he aroused the curiosity of hundreds of users to know the truth. Unfortunately it is real. The charmers of dogs or trainers resort to mistreatment, only to teach them to walk on two legs.

The video seems to have been downloaded from Huoshan Video

A Chinese application that is very similar to Came. The account called Wanghong Doudou or Viral Smol Bean in English it has more than 34 thousand followers. According to the account's biography, the adorable little dog is called Smol Bean and he lives in Shanghai.

There are a lot of Smol videos

Wearing different suits and always walking on their hind legs.

This is not the first time that a dog walks on its hind legs

Last December a video appeared in Youtube where a dog with a dress walked inside the facilities of a hospital. Immediately comments on animal cruelty were present, because many users felt it was unnatural for a dog to walk like a human.

And now that Smol has attracted attention, people are sharing videos of owners who abuse their dogs in order to train them to stand on two legs and you can perceive that they are really violent.

In a clip you see how they threaten and hit a dog to obey

It is a true cruelty.

In another, a subject is appreciated accommodating the dog to achieve its ideal position

@pandajari I believe this is the same dog in the vine. Someone said that the woman in the vine says the dog is bleeding from it's mouth.

Chloe £ (@chloeampm) May 18, 2017

Animals that suffer from physical abuse can develop more serious problems with their behavior, such as distrust of other people or dogs, depression and even aggressive reactions.

So it's a good time to stop sharing these videos and avoid more dogs being mistreated.

Dog/Puppy Abuse video - Truth behind dog walking on 2 legs !!! Brutal training (September 2020)