The couple fights add years of life; maybe you are already immortal


We tend to think that a happy couple does not argue, always agrees and lives in a permanent state of harmony. The truth is that things are never rosy, discussions are always present and sometimes there is no way to avoid them.

But according to a new investigation, having told what your partner does not do is beneficial.

The study found that couples who they say it all during a fight they have less risk of ill health and die before their time. The key is to make sure that both are dealing with the dispute in the same way, and that is that those who repress their anger while their partner rabea of ​​courage, have almost twice the risk of suffering an untimely death.

It was the researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona who came to these conclusions, stating that couples react differently during discussions, raising their levels of stress, heart rate and blood pressure that could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

The study included data from 192 couples over 32 years of age together to see if their coping responses to anger had to do with mortality. The researchers looked at whether the couples vent their anger or repressed their feelings during the discussions. Then they compared this behavior with their health and whether they died or not in the next three decades.

They found that the lowest risk of early death was among couples who expressed their feelings, where the husband has a 24 percent risk of death and the wife, 18 percent. While in the couples where both repressed their anger, the man had a 35 percent risk of death and the woman, 18 percent.

But the risks almost doubled when there is a mismatch when discussing, that is, one represses their feelings and the other expresses them. When the man is expressive and the wife suppressive, his risk of death was 51 percent and hers 36 percent. When she was expressive and he suppressed his emotions, his risk was 49 percent and hers 28 percent.

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